Helen Koefoed Bergström

Helen Koefoed Bergström was born in Denmark. In 1975 she immigrated to Canada together with her husband and 3 children after having spent 8 years in Yugoslavia, 1 year in Poland and 2 years in Sweden.

The development of Helen’s art form partly began with her fascination of the Canadian nature. She has hiked the mountains, biked the trails, sailed the lakes, rowed the Grand River and kayaked along the shores of the Bruce Peninsula. Her garden is a nature reserve with tall old trees and self seeding annuals, watered only when rain falls and where seed pods are left standing for the birds to feed on. Flowers and leaves are gathered, pressed and dried to preserve some of summer's beauty for later use in art pieces. - What she cannot preserve in a flower press, she photographs. Helen is also working in Acrylics and Watercolour.